My love for you will never die

My love for you will never die,

no one will ever break us apart, even if they tried.

I cant go a day without thinking about you,

I dont know your thoughts but I hope its that way for you too.

Those nights looking into your hazel eyes,

It never gets old, its like an endless surprise.

I know long distance is hard

and peer pressure surrounds, but please dont get caught off guard.

Just have hope,

and then one day we can elope.

Have a big house, two kids and a yard,

possibly even fit in a Saint Bernard.

Please believe that we can do this,

so that we can met and have our first true kiss.

We will walk on the beach in the sand,

that second, I feel you grab my hand.

I stop for a moment and look at you,

I tell you that our love is true.

The truth is, I love you with my whole heart

and never want to be torn apart.


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