My Love That Will Never Be Mine

Dear my love,

I would give my last breathe for you to have another.

I would give you any and everything just to see you smile.

I have cried a thousand times because I know you’re happier with her.

I am sorry I was not good enough for you at the right time, but lets face it. What was reallh holding you back?

Feelings? Worry? Fear? Judgement? It all doesn’t matter.

Just knowing that I can never call you mine is the worst thing I have ever felt.

I cry out for a love that I know I do not deserve.

It is like talking to a ghost because no one is there to listen to me.

You say you care, but do you really? Do you really know me? Do you even notice how i feel?

Do you notice that I am torn apart on the inside screaming for you to come save me? No. You don’t.

I have learned that I am not a princess. I do not need saving. I am a queen and I can handle it. 

So go through your daily life caring for someone who may or may not be the one.

I’ll be in the corner slowly dying from all the secrets I keep. Secrets are like poison, they will slowly kill you.

Love, Sebrenna Garrett



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