My Love, What Have You Done?

Mon, 03/30/2015 - 14:48 -- MLE

Your simple smile

Brightens the darkest crannies

Of the ancient 18 story bookcase

That I call my mind.


Where the cobwebs once insipidly hung

There is now elegant silk

Woven of baby blues and soft yellows

Draped amongst the mounds of clutter.


My coiled and confused thoughts

That roamed lifelessly throughout

The chaotic silence

Have since found purpose.


My world seems to have

Been turned upside down

Twisted inside out,

And molded into a new shape altogether.


I grin and welcome this exotic sensation

Much like the early morning

Welcomes the light of

Each unlived day.



Very beautifully written. I could see your poem come alive in my head. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you very much!

Rudy Lee

Wow, this poen spoke to me so much.  I really loved this.


Thank you! (:

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