My Love Obsession


United States
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He told that he loved me.
Really what he said was that he loved my writing.
I write because he can hear my voice so clearly when I am not able to speak.
I write to you and only you to show you how much I love you ,and that no matter how far apart we are i'm still in love with you.
I write so that one day as my mind ages and my memories start to fade that I could write you into my thoughts. There will be days when my body will betray me and my hands shall fail. I write now here in my room all the thoughts and words that could express how beautiful you are and how honored I am to have ever found you.
I was truly introduced formally to poetry in middle school where I would spend most of my time in the library just reading . I started to write poetry latter in my high school career where I was soon to be in poetry club.
I write to be heard when I am voiceless. I will only speak when I can no longer write.
He told me to write about all my joys and pains , so I write about my joys and pains.


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