My Love Affair Didn't Last Long

She walked with me through the living room.
We lingered for a while at the doorway.
I kissed her lips before I opened the front door.
And I felt her tenderness as never before.
Her embrace was as warm as her love.
I wished for the day when we could meet openly
So I’d feel free to visit her whenever I wish.

She knew that I had to go home before it got dark,
But she held me as if she wanted me to stay overnight.
She stood by the gate and waved at me.
And she stayed there until I turned off the avenue.
We felt that our love would last for a long time.
I kept thinking about her at the bus stop.
And I was dying to see her again while I was on the bus.

Love was the only thing that brought us happiness.
Although we defied the principles, it was a torrid love.
We wanted the satisfaction and pleasures of life.
Our hearts weren’t content with a concealed love affair.
The whole thing appeared to be an erotic fantasy.
We were blind to the consequences of adultery.
And we continued an affair that shouldn’t have started.

I was finally confronted with the thing I most feared.
And I had to choose between her and my wife.
I completed the writing of our fascinating love story.
Now I don’t want to stop reading the chapters.
It’s unfortunate that our romance ended long ago,
But I still can’t wake up from the deep trance.
The best love affair that I ever had didn’t last long.


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