My Love


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Just stay

I’m not ready to give this goodbye 

It’s been one day 

I went to bed without you by my side 

I woke up without you, it's something I can't deny  

This is the reality where my wishes have gone to rest and then died 

This is life I have never lived 

Unsure, confused, and alone 

I am waiting for you, like I promised 

It’s something I’ve known 

Waiting by the door by the phone 

But you won’t come 

I’m left here alone with the silent hum 

Badum Badum Badum 

Your heartbeat 

The way your hair curls in the morning, so sweet 

You see, without you I’m concrete

Seems unbreakable, but you broke me 

I love you 

And I know that you love me 

Just stay 


My love.

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