My Little Monster


United States
41° 29' 1.122" N, 81° 48' 21.7404" W

I'm living with a monster,
a monster inside me.
I try to run away from it,
but it can't let me be.

It's my little secret,
no one else would understand,
what it's like to discover,
the fist crushing you is your own hand.

But I can't destroy it,
not by myself,
it's made of all those memories,
tucked away on a shelf.

It's made of all those secrets,
a past nobody knows,
worse than what I've told them,
the lowest of the lows.

But I need help fighting this monster,
So I'll have to tell someone now,
I don't know if I can overcome,
but if I can, this is how.

For now I live with this monster,
tearing me up inside,
with no where to run from it,
and no where to hide.


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