My Life's Song

Lounging on a park bench, thinking back to my childhood days,
I’m reminded of myself and my playful ways.
Facetious, amused, lacking the demand for major decisions,
Every feeling and moment hard to envision.

Wishing to return to these times,
Staying here and out of life’s crimes.

Frivolous vacations that once happened,
Unbelievable experiences, you’d never imagined.
Lively leaping around the house,
Lots of thoughts, but remaining quiet as a mouse.

Optimistically looking ahead on good times to come,
Forming my future, with a sigh and a hum.

Cautiously determining what to pursue,
Happily, I think about my future anew.
Opportunities to appear, commitments to make,
Identities to be found, journeys to partake,
Carrying on with a new view of life,
Eager to succeed, new expectations rife.

Settled on a bench, reminiscing with a smile.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

amazing poem
poem is full of determination and identiy-find yourself, find your way and you will achieve so much more
great job

Robin Lee

very very good. i like your writing style

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