My Life to Thee Mp3

I to the Mp3


I am like

Thou Mp3

With each song I tell about

My thoughts,

   Emotions, opinions

And me

But you must listen close,

And hear

 My lips like headphones

In thine ear

Listen to the rhythm,

the bass, the beat

The drum of my heart

You stomp your feet

Look at my face

Bright and digitally clear

Telling you first

What plays on?

And next what may appear

My buttons you press

At your own delight

Not caring

Unaware of my cryptic plight

But press and press,

And try, my kindness

For weak

And you will see

How loud my volume can peak!

I ask thee

O Mp3

Have I not compared thee to a T?

To which thou cannot even differentiate

From me




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