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            Hello, my name is Damien Lavoy Teruo Burris; I am currently a senior at Clovis North Educational Center. I live in Fresno, California with my Uncle Benjamin Burris, and my Aunt Meredith Fox-Burris.  I moved out here on December 21, 2011 due to an abusive home relationship with my mother and father.  My mother mentally and physically abused me, while my father was a drug addict and would force me to take illegal substances, and if I rejected his demand he would threaten to beat me.

            When I was younger and living with my mother, she would tell me how worthless I was, how I would never amount to anything in life, how I would grow up to be a dead beat just like my father.  This was extremely hard for me to deal with when I was younger, and made me struggle in having self-esteem while at a younger age.  Since my mom and dad did never married, and having to split between the two, have to be the middle-person between the two of them starting at the age of six or seven.  Being the middle-person and having to relay messages to my dad from my mom or vice versa put a strain on what little relationship I had with both my parents.  MY mom would keep me from my dad for weeks upon weeks until my dad paid child support.  Which he never did pay for it, it was always his mother since he was using drugs and never had any money of his own.

            My mom and I would get into verbal fights, which would then escalate into physical abuse, and would occasionally end in me running away at the age of 12 r 13.  I would run away for days not letting anybody know where I was or what I was doing this was my escape.  I would run away just to escape my home life because I couldn’t take it anymore.  My mom his me from time to time when I was younger and I couldn’t defend myself, but as I got older and she would hit me I would shove/hit, or whatever I could do to get away from the abuse.  Few people were aware of these installments in my life.

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The idea that even though this was a tough time in life i am still striving to accomplish my future goals and not letting anything hold me back


You are brave for sharing your story thank you for being so honest and inspiring all of us keep writing

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