~My Life/ My Revelation~ (true story)


I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now i see / In all my years I never knew how true this was for me/ I came from a home full of doubt, full of despise/ All the lies  told made me compromise / All of my rights and all of my hopes were washed away at sea/ Why did this have to happen to me/ My body began to shut down and the doctors didnt know why/ I was told my ovaries are about to fail and i will never carry a child inside/ I cried and cried myself to sleep most nights turning myself away/ from the one who loves me so and created me without shame/ I turned away from many and pain spread through my vains/ you don't know how i felt or what it is like i would say/ I struggled to work and struggled to live and became very depressed/ It got to the point i had to quit my job and even then still i was stressed/ At the beginning of each day i felt as though i couldn't breath/ Dump trucks sitting on my chest and i would lay there and plead/ I wished i had a different life as i would cry away my pain/ Why does this have to happen to someone who is so good and not in vain/ I couldn't figure it out nor could I make it go away/ Test after test, doctor after doctor, things seemed as though they would never change/ My hormones so off balance and my body so out of wack/ I felt as though a few years from now my life would end on this track/ I havn't even lived a full life i would think nor have I acheived much to show/ I haven't even made enough to support my own family when its time to go/ You see this entire time I turned my back on God and didn't give him the time of day/ I figured why would he let this happen to me..he must not care anyways/ I felt betrayed and hurt, destroyed with my own emotions/ tossing back and forth like a ship on a choppy ocean/ not knowing how to help myself , wishing i had the right potion/ Wishing i had the majic cure that it would all just go away/ Then one day I realized that Jesus is the way/ September 1 2013 i gave my life to him, do you know that he healed me and I am new human/ I am his and he is mine and now i live in peace/ You can have this too if you just believe/ All this time my back was turned from God  and he pursued me/ Now he has made me whole and we have a "relationship" you see/ I never knew that it was possible or that i could even imagine/ But god sent his son to die on the cross for our sin if you can even fathom/ A man died for you , took his own life for you/ A man not deserving of that pain/ But it was all for your glory and not for your shame/ Its so that you can live this life to the fullest , now you may think I am foolish/ I am telling the truth/ After that day do you know my ovaries are working and pain has left my body/ I am on no medicines, nor hormones, nor steroids, nor vaccines/ By the grace of god and blood of the lamb I am healed from my disease/ Praise god from whom all blessings flow/ Praise the father, son and holy ghost/ Jesus loves you so much and now i realize this/ All my young years of feeling compromised and hurt, could have been full of love by the one that matters most/ God is there all the time and all the time he shines on you/ You just have to acknowlege him and his good works for you/ Don't you see it is by faith that we live and that believe/ I hope that my story has touched you  and that you see it is true/ Jesus made this possible and so now i challenge you/ Take a stand don't be afraid and just believe that he is the way/ Love him with your whole heart and you will succeed every single day/ Amen


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