My life just changed like that....all because of you


United States
39° 39' 56.3364" N, 104° 53' 10.7808" W
United States
39° 39' 56.3364" N, 104° 53' 10.7808" W

Students like me have to go around pleasuring those who have authority over us

There is no such thing as resting

All there is… testing

I want to protest against it

But what can I say?

The pressure and the threats to do well won’t stop

Must I only get punished if I don’t do only what you want?

My voice can’t be heard, your ears block out my wishes and dreams as you become physical

with me

By this, you send a piece of me to who knows where

Parts of me are going missing day by day


Here I am again on my knees

You forcefully ask to beg for your forgiveness

In the inside I know I did the best I could to satisfy you

Yet still you all ask for more

As if staying up all night and engaging myself in a pile of work wasn’t enough

But from the beginning It never was


So many times I pictured my death

I feel like I will never be fondly looked at in your eyes

Killing myself is the only control and power I will have in my life

Everything has always been in your hands

I wish I didn’t have to leave so early only knowing school and  study study

Not once did I think it was sad that I know you wouldn’t come looking for me

Since I don’t feel emotions like those any longer


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