My Life is a Joke

My life is a joke

I wake up, and I laugh.

I laugh at myself

Because I have the nerve to

Show myself.

I laugh at the day

Because I see its true face

Peeking from behind its

"Good" mask.

I laugh at my peers 

Because they fake their smiles.

I laugh because I

Gave up long ago.


My life is a joke, and I 

Laugh at my work

Because I act like I care

And they believe it.

I laugh at my boss

Because he thinks I 

Care about him.

I laugh at my School

Because they think I 

Know what I want to do 

In Life.


My life is a joke.

I laugh at that statement, 

Because it doesn't bring others joy.

I laugh at my dreams

Because I thought that they could come true.

I laugh at my fears

Because they scare me.

I go to bed and I laugh.

I laugh at sleep

Because I know it won't come for hours.

I laugh at everything because 

My life is a joke.

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