My Kidnapper, My Love

And you did it again. 

Ladies, gentlemen,

she did it again. 

Turning every moment of joy into a living nightmare.

The color and brighness of our interactions,

vibrant, warm, inviting,

slowly faded away in a monochromatic gloom.

Once upon a time I was happy.

I confided in you.

I cared for you.

I cried for you.

I loved you. 

Yet that love was as evanescent as your character. 

Deception is a surreptitious spider,

always in the background, patiently waiting

to devoir, atack, destroy.

I prided myself on being a good judge of character, 

on loving those who love me back. 

Who appreciate me. 

Who think of me. 

How could I be so wrong?

You are without mercy. 

Dressed in black, you destroy whatever is in your path. 

A suductive enchantress, you exploit to your advantage. 

And I, your latest prey. 

I attempt to escape the chamber I am in. 

I kick, scream, weep,

but my cries are absorbed.

There is no hope. 

How could this have occurred?

How could I have so failed? 

Love is a dangerous drug. 

All your faults I ignored. 

All your imperfections I embraced. 

I loved you for who you truly were. 

I treasured you, my tulip,

for you bring my joy. 

But I know who you are now. 

And yet there is nothing to be done. 

I failed. 

I am trapped in your web,

construed from lies and false promises. 

And I, a fool, silently surrender.

But before submissing, whisper:

"I love you"

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