My Internal Romantic Glow Up

I met him at thirteen years old

He's my soul mate, I thought

He would be my husband in five years

When I would be old enough for our relationship to be legal

He was five years older and I still loved him

I loved him because of that

And not for much else

And losing him was the hardest thing I had to go through


I met him when I was eighteen

We had everything in common

We never had disagreements

Even about the smallest things

And some of the biggest things

He really is my soul mate

I love everything about him

I gave him everything

He gave me everything

And losing him was the hardest thing I had to go through

A million times harder than losing my first love

When i was thirteen

And he was five years older

Because that wasn't real love

But this was

He's my soulmate

And hearing him say the words

"I don't love you"

Made me question everything I ever thought I knew about love

And maybe he isn't my soulmate

But at least this was based on something real


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