My Inspiration

People can be the ones who inspire

Others, but that would, of course, require

A certain, overwhelming, perfect desire

To put helping others above yourself.

That would be the simple reason

As to why every single season

I can't seem to find a single beacon,

To be my inspiration.

But, I am inspired, as you may have guessed,

By the only one to put to the test,

The love He has for my eternal rest.

My inspiration is Jesus.

He bled and died for you and me,

So every person could finally see,

He just wants you, from sin you can flee,

And be with Him forevermore.

He will never forsake you, no matter what,

Just rest in Him so you can finally shut

Your eyes, and that awful feeling inside your gut,

Is the Enemy telling you that you're not worth it.

Oh but I promise, Jesus loves you

And there is no one, nothing, you can turn to,

To fill the aching hole inside you

Except for My Inspiration.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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