My Insanity

Tue, 05/14/2019 - 01:14 -- kadija_

I'm living this scary reality, doctors and counselors saying there's something wrong with me

Anything to explain my psychopathic personality

try and get to the root of my issues like an oral cavity

but the insanity is embedded in my pain, flows through me as casually as the blood in my veins

they cant put my mental state into a cage, cant figure out my mentality

So, they just shrug it off, call it an abnormality

I fight internal fights and sleepless nights, I know something ain't quite right

everywhere I turn I'm seeing demons, wake up In a cold sweat shaking and screaming

the voices get louder and I try and convince myself It's just a fantasy

As the screams drag me under, I cry internally, thinking I'm losing my sanity

I feel hollowed out, I'm all empty and broken inside

Ready to give in to the sirens, to the demons and their lullaby's

though I'm petrified, too scared to cry and too scared to to say what's going on though I know it's something wrong

voices that ricochet like bullets in my brain, shooting down the parts of me that are still sane

my inner-demons whisper words that have the impact of grenades, I try and keep a grasp onto reality,

but I know I'm going insane

The insanity is seeping in through my wounds, giving itself space where it has no room

leaving me in an unbalanced state of mind,pushing me to pick up my sharp metal friend and form lines

I feel the screams under my skin, The pain makes me choke, the insanity sinking in

I find comfort in my demons, coaxing me with white lies and the fact that I'm insane



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