My High School Experience


United States
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The shy quiet girl walking through the long halls
As quiet as a mouse
That was me my first two years of high school
Making good grades not having many enemies
But all at the same time making memories
Learning rhymes and laughing about them
Timmy tucked the tiny tiger tightly towards the teddy
I was never good with reading fast and steadily
When junior year came along, BAM it hit like the bang of a drum
That’s when I got my contacts and no matter where I walked
Even if I couldn’t see two feet in front of me people would say hi
After that I became very sociable with other people outside of my groups
A butterfly coming out of her cocoon
I had blossomed even the walls started talking to me
When senior year hit my whole life changed
All for the better anyways
My baby niece Lillian was born
She came out screaming like a horn
Though she had some problems with her heart
She bounced back as if she were a dart
Then I met my amazing boyfriend who I adore
And he helps me a lot and sends love so deep down to the core
Pre-Calc came along and knocked me on my feet
But in the end it will be beat
A lot of my friends have come and gone
The ones that matter the most stay past dawn
High school has been fun and real
I have come a great deal
Throughout my life I have been quiet and shy
But now is my time to come out and shine

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