My heart bleeds for you.

Walking around pretending I'm okay.
Acting like I'm fine each and every day.
No one knows how I truly feel.
No one knows my heart won't heal.
My heart won't heal because of you.
Because of you and the things you do.
You're always sweet and kind to me.
I fell in love but you didn't see.
I did nothing except simply care.
But stuck in my heart there is a knife.
A knife that cut a wound so deep.
That out the blood begins to seep.
So now my heart bleeds for you.
And I wonder what you'd say if you knew.
Would you feel weird? Would you hate me?
How would you act, and would it be?
I'd figure this out, I'd let you know.
My feelings for you, I would show.
But there is just too much that I fear.
I don't want you to leave, I want you near.
You are my life, my everything.
When I'm with you, I hear my heart sing.
The only thing I wish could do.
Is hold you close and be with you.
But I know this will never be.
There won't be you and me.
So my heart bleeds for you, I sit in pain.
But these feelings I have will always remain.

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