My God


United States
32° 49' 30.2772" N, 117° 12' 10.5696" W

I won't beat myself up
I will strive to move forward
because of a Love based on God

I won't ignore the past
I will learn how to better myself
because of God's Peace in my life

I won't leave because you are human
I will use my past to bless others
because of Gods Kindness of Gods Grace

I won't be a hypocrite
I will be real
because of God's Goodness

I won't stop being a Christian
I will not be flighty
because God is Faithful

I won't be tough
I will be calm
because God is Gently with us

I won't be perfect
I will strive to do my very best
because God had the Self-Control to give his son's life for ours

I won't be someone else
I will strive to be Loving, Joyful, Peaceful, Kind, Good, Faithful, Gentle, and portray Self-Control
because the Lord My God is God



It's all for the Glory of God and what he gave me. :)

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