To My Friend, Who Puts Up with Many Bad Jokes

Dear Friend,


You are a gift, a joy.

I treasure you.


But sometimes,

I remember that I

am always the first to text.


I am the first

to ask how you are,

to say I miss you.


Maybe I need you more

as my friend circle dwindles

and yours grows.


I wonder,

am I dependent on you?

I don’t want to be.


But then,

I remember that you

are always the first to encourage.


You are the first

to offer wise advice,

to laugh at my jokes.


So it doesn’t matter

who is first.

We need eachother in different ways.


I offer you a fresh perspective.

You lend your gentling voice.

I am independent, but not alone.


Dear Friend,

you are a dear friend.

I treasure you.


With the sisterhood

of all that is between us,


A friend who knows she is dear to you

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