My Friend

Today, May seventh my friend heard gunshots

He saw blood on the ground

Two shooters

Brought a kid unto their end.


He knew them by name

One was a friend

Shot eight more.


Eight lay bleeding 

Our country says nothing

I saw headlines on youtube

Horror shot through me


My friends heart?

Might not be beating.


Some aren't so lucky

One didn't make it

The world doesn't know 

Another soul was lost

Like some scene on a show.


It's days before he graduates

He couldnt make it through

Without a nightmare come true


Will they take a moment for the voice grown cold

or will they brush over the name like nothing?


I'm the only one who was shocked

Didn't hide my tears at the horror

My own mother avoided

Said nothing when I told her

The world said nothing


I will.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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