my friend


Ever think about the bad you could do?

But you stopped and thought about the consequences


Ever think about something good you wanted to do?

But had to think about how to execute it first.


Poetry to me is the medium that stopped me from doing the bad

Ill write out my desires onto the lines on the paper

Then it made since

My mind is clear and I’d see what I’ve stopped my self from doing


When I usually screw up whom could I tell

The frustration inside of me would kill me

But I could find a resolution in my self

When I would speak

I talked poetry


What I couldn’t understand was understandable.

Life for me became more durable


If I felt that my love was mistreated

Poetry was my therapy

I could say what I wanted to say without offending anyone

Because the poetry were my thoughts and no one could blame me for how I feel



I believe poetry is a gift

Cuz the way it makes me feel after I write it gives me freedom


Poetry wised me up

Poetry help heal open wounds

Poetry was my first friend

I believe the lord gave poetry to those who can’t express something

Poetry to me has set me free

Thank you poetry

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