My Final Breath

Like a beautiful sunsets into a storm, its still in this place I feel most warm

Though it doesnt seem real cause its a figure of speech, I know that it is cause that kiss is cold on my cheek

Cold like a wet & slippery ice sheet, I knew time was tikcing cause I saw blood at my feet

The blood rushed like a wild river through a valley, I closed my eyes, hit the ground, and all I saw was Ally

I hit the ground and I knew I was stuck, as quickly as the bullet hit I realized "I do give a fuck"

However even with my eyes shut I'd never seen more clearly, I just needed her to know that I loved her dearly 

As each breath got harder & the seconds slipped away, all I really wanted was to stay and play

See the earth is like a playground and as it goes round we go round, and as I lay here dying I just want to stick around

It was in these final moments I really started to drown

Me eyes open back up and I see her beautiful face, I also see tears and know I'm soon leaving this place

Though I'll go away & she'll have to stay, its clear to us both this love will never fade

I try to be tough to show her its okay, but when it comes to her I cant keep my emotions at bay

My love flows out its never ending like the sea, I take my final breath and now its just her without me

My last breath comes out, it flows with the wind, my chest sinks down and she knows she'll never hear my voice again

even though its gone my voice still echos in her head, she still hears the words I said this morning in bed

I was laying in bed never wanting to leave, as I expressed she had given me all the love I'd ever need

It had been a long battle and I knew this goodbye she would dread, as she sat there wimpering holding my body.....

I was dead



This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



Working on writing a book and this poem I plan on using at the end of the book. This is my last page (as of now)


I originally started writing it to open my book with, however the way it went I might have to save it for the end. 


I need a poem that starts beautifully and then becomes dark or bad. I want my poem to be a metaphor for my book so any ideas on something a place, a thing a person. Anything that starts beautifully then turns ugly (preferably something natural) would be awesome and maybe I can mix it in with what I have been thinking and working on.



Also above is my first peom Ive ever written but please give honest feedback, Thank you everyone for reading hope you liked it!

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