My Fear

Its 2019

And my fear has become a reality

I can bearly walk down the street

I can bearly breath

Without people on the news

Shooting there shot on me and you

It's nothing new

Everyday making sure that I keep my head low

So I don't send the wrong message 

To someone I don't even know

I just don't know

What to say or what to do

Without the fear of someone with a gun walking through my school

Spreading fear into the hearts of people that they pass

And were just hoping, praying that maybe we are quite enough

That maybe they will pass my cla...

Maybe I should have prayed more

Or I should have held my breath

Cause now were just another head count 

Just another death

another life they couldn't save.


My fear has become a reality 

My fear is the same as the fear people have

Just mine hasn't become a reality yet

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