To My Father

Dear Daddy,

As I sit at this blank screen and wonder what to write.

As I think back to everything you've taught me, and realized you were right.

You were the world to me, my sun, moon and light.

But then you were gone, and things became dimmer.

Taken from me like dessert when I didn't finish dinner.


That was the trigger.

I started to never finish dinner, breakfast, nor lunch.

No snack would be heard making a crunch.

I ended up like you, in your last days, confined to a hospial bed

I thought of you every time the doctors did their rounds,

wondering if you were proud that I was slowly putting on pounds


I missed you too much that I could not bear to gain more weight

But then I remembered, as you always said, better to be big then late

Late as in dead, where I would be, if you weren't up there caring for me


I miss you dad, 

more than you know

I miss you dad,

you have helped me heal

I miss you dad,

my best man.

I miss you dad,

but I know I'll see you again





This poem is about: 
My family


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