My Faith

Showing up to class with my hopes of seeing her complexion

Seeing those golden-brown eyes
Pale face, that shy expression
That tender smile creates an obscure feeling of devotion
No one could ever recreate this odd emotion 
Sun-sets don't compare to how radiant she is
She's a stunning view, a lunar eclipse no one could ever miss 
I don't need to climb a mountain peak to see the world 
I see it every day, full of life, more than I could ever hold 
My love for her is shamed upon because she's the same as me
We both share characteristics, they say hell is where i should be
But if it weren't for her, I wouldn't be receiving God or practicing religion 
My life would be a mess, collision after collision 
no longer do I self-destruct yes I have been saved, she is in my palate, her care in me has been engraved


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