My Eternity

I wake up

In a lush, green field.

Flowers of every kind

Surround me.

I think, This can’t be real,

I’m dreaming.


I hear the sound

Of children’s laughter.

They beckon me

To play with them.

I tell them, “I am too old.”,

But my voice sounds young.

I look at my reflection

In a pond.

I am a child again.

I think, This can’t be real,

I’m dreaming.


The water then ripples.

I look up and see

A figure dressed in white,

Walking on the water.

I soon realize

It is Jesus Christ,

The man I had heard of in the Bible

Many times.


He kneels next to me

And opens His arms

For a warm embrace.

I hug Him tightly,

And he chuckles softly.

He then looks at me

With His soft, brown eyes.


I ask Him, “Am I dreaming?”

He says, “No, this is real.

This is Heaven.

You will stay here with me for eternity.

Don’t worry, I will protect you.”


I hug Him once more.

He then takes my small hand

In His large one,

And leads me to my eternity.


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