To my English Teacher

Mon, 11/11/2013 - 15:47 -- Storm

you say you treat us like adults

but, all i hear from your mouth is insults

stop repeating the instructions over and over and over

i heard you the first time

i would like you better if you were a mime

do you think i’m deaf?

stop saying that

i should know something

and i see you gawping

and in a great disbelief when i don't answer

because you say you have already taught it to me

i greatly disagree

if you had taught it to me, i would know it

stop making me feel diminished

when you say the test i just finished

was easier than the freshman’s test

you act like you know who i am

but all you know about me is spam

because i just be who you want me to be

you wouldn't have a clue

if i really was me around you



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