My Dream Job

What is my dream job?

Some may call it outlandish and immature

Others say it is stupid and naive

But I want to be a famous musician


Lights shining on me

While people stare and see

This one guy who came from a quiet area in Queens

They would be cheering 

With their signs saying

"Ray Pak"


I know it's crazy and seems impossible

A lot of people never get it 

Though they may spend years trying

It's hard 


I'd need material things of course

I'd need some musical ability of course

I'd need courage to get out there and promote

I'd need bravery to stand on a stage and sing

I'd need creativity to do things others never have

I'd need to be me 


People have said that it's not all it's cracked up to be

But I don't care because I won't know

Until I try

I want to be there

I don't care if I fail

I want to experience

That's my dream job

Maybe one day I'll see it come true


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