My Definitions of Music by Brooxana Pierre


It's love, compassion, companionship, and soothing sounds, that's my definition. Wait something is missing. I have a confession being my prize possession is an obsession I'm guessin, the thought of progression causes tension fighting to pass a (certain) lesson. Nothing has ever made me feel the way I do, if I ever leave just know I'm coming right back to you. Often I feel like nobody could ever understand, the love I have for my music maybe no one can. You allow others to have different emotions sad, angry, happy, or mad. You lift people's spirits even when they are in pain you sometimes leave them with the soothing sounds of the pouring rain. You are everything that I ever asked for everything I want and more just open the door you never have to knock we could watch time pass by and hear the repetitive sound Tic toc I'm very quiet You allow others to hear, you cause feelings to appear emotions that causes tears. So beautiful as usual never renewable always reusable. The way you look at me the way I hold you in my hands will forever leave memories until I never see you again. Even though you are an object and there are feeling that you lack, I hope and wait for the day you say I love you back. God gave me this talent and gave you the chance to enhance it, me and you are a perfect match a perfect fit. When I leave this earth I want nothing left of my voice, I want to write a letter to God it will be my last choice. There will be no words left to be spoken my heart will be sealed before it could ever be broken. I want my talent to shine, and let people know it's mine I will leave my mark People will see it will be seen in the dark, I hope I don't have any talent left in the end just to say to God, I used everything you gave me and my words will no longer extend. Thank you for the friend you sent me, thank you for the things that threatened to tempt, thank you for being there constantly thank you for unlocking the door and trusting me with the key.. music thank you for finding me

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