My Dearest Friend

My dearest friend
My closest enemy
Worst of all you claimed that you loved me
Secret whispers, knowing glances
We never shared
I desperately want to keep you
I also want you far away
I try my best to please you
I do everything within my power to hurt you
I swear you will be the death of me
With you around I doubt I know what a true friend is
Do they share forever hidden secrets?
Do they boost each other’s self-esteem?
But with you around friendship is a twisted concept
An unfamiliar notion
Do they sling insults at each other?
Do they converse with sharpened tongues?
Is every other sentence a lie, my dearest friend?
Does every confrontation end with clenching fist and grinding teeth?
Do we always have to fight back tears?
Is it virulent affection or sweet animosity?
My dearest friend
My closest enemy
You will be the death of me
I swear


Sarai J. Ramnani

I really like this poem. I wrote one similiar to yours a while back, but mine was called Dearest Foe. Great job!

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