My Dear, Black History


United States
42° 30' 17.7804" N, 83° 20' 48.7608" W

You will be remembered,
And you will be heard

You are strong and resilient
Wise and spiritual
Original yet diverse
But much more than simple

Of all the complex cultures
YOU are the highest
But of all the yearly months
YOU are the shortest

But remember, you are divine,
The original people and color
Before we all divided
You had all the thunder

You are much more than jungles,
Huts, and "kinky" hair
How can only a month describe you?
That is more than unfair!

You overcame a hardship
With all your glory and might
Century's worth of agony
But you sure put up a fight

You also created music,
Monuments, literature and art
And still, now you go to college
Express your soul and heart!

However today, through ignorance,
False cultures and lies
You are still quickly judged
By cruel, disgusted eyes

Thus, we must not forget
How hard you really tried
To procure your place
In our society's guise

Lest we cast your efforts
All in useless vain
Only in favor
Of a fruitless campaign

Yet through this struggle,
Of conflicting pain
Someday you will
Break through the chain

Bliss and pride-African power
Pure, brown beauty
THIS is what you mean,
My dear, Black History


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