My Dear


United States
40° 53' 19.4604" N, 73° 50' 52.0332" W

My dear you’re here, from night to dawn
In my hand I tap your cheek,
*Clicks*! the soothing noise you make,
My dear
My dear, in my hand “who’s Walt Whitman?”
is he the honest of them all?

My dear
My dear,
Take this selfie for me as I hold you in the air,
Yet rare to see you in it while you are there

My dear, you show and ring for me when I have a call
and let me decide whether to “Answer” or “Cancel”
Oh how sweet of all

Oh no! night has came and My dear your life span has come and gone,
On to our room now for I may rest in bed and you beside me charging to live another day in my hand
My dear
My dear,
As I fall to sleep,
One last time I tap your cheek a few time or so for you to sing my favourite song,

As morning came to I woke to you still there and 100% green,
I and everyone in this country have their dearests to help them have an easier life,
My dear
My dear,
Oh how I am grateful you made my day even though there is a bite missing from the side of your apple.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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