My Daddy...

My Daddy was a firefighter, 

He save many,

My dady is the strogest man I know,

Though I saw him cry once,

He is still my hero.


My Daddy was a Mechanic,

He fix everything that I broke,

He may get frustrated, 

He may get mad, 

But he is still my hero.


My Daddy was a dad to those who had none,

He alway gave someone a home,

My Daddy was a dad to all,

He is my hero. 


My Daddy is my teacher, 

He taught me lots,

He taught me to respect all,

He helped me with everything,

He got me ready for my life to start.


My Daddy is and always will be,

A Firefighter,

A Mechanic,

A teacher ,

A Daddy,

My hero.

This poem is about: 
My family


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