My Dad Said To Me

Mon, 02/03/2014 - 14:42 -- QLexE

When I was a child,

My dad said to me,

I couldn't have that,

It was too sexy.

But, I was 9!

Sex was arbitrary,

And I wanted that dress

It looked damn good on me.


A few years ago,

My dad said to me,

I couldn't have sex

'Til I was at least thirty.

But, to my brothers, he said

Go ahead, whenever you please,

Fuck however you want,

That's what having a penis means.


A few weeks ago,

My dad said to me,

That my cause was stupid,

That it's boring! That he

Didn't understand

This new feminist me.

And I said to him,

Oh goodness, Daddy,

Can you not see?

I don't give a rat's ass what men think of me!


So, I'm asked,

"What would you change?"

Well, I'd change my dad

And his woman-hating ways.

And every man like him,

Their views I would sway.

Of course, just me, all alone,

Can affect no change.

But there's plenty of others,

And women will rule one day!


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