My constant

Everything I have ever known lays next to me,

Close enough to touch yet a thousand miles away. 

I look into your eyes.. Seeing nothing,

For the once present you is gone.. No where to be seen. 


I try to bring you back,

Catching glimpses of your soul.. Glimpses of the past.

Looking everywhere for you.. Finding you no where, 

Just a hollowed out figure of what you used to be.


Looking both ways trying to find some sort of sign, 

Yet in the end... There is nothing. 

Only what remains of a shattered relationship,

Fragments of trust here and there.


Wanting so badly to fix everything,

Yet knowing that's impossible.

For your trust for me is gone,

Pieces of what once was scattered on the floor.


Is this the end of what once was,

Or is maybe there a chance.

All i want is the old you,

The one who was always there.


My constant.



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