My Compass

My heart-- you are my compass.

You guide me.

But if you keep pointing me in so many different directions

How am I supposed to find my destination?


Society is a strong, counteracting magnet that lurks behind me in close proximity,

One that pulls hard to redirect me from the route I wish to pursue.

But if a path is meant to be followed,

You’ll be strong enough to fight an attempt at conformation...right?


You sometimes lead me astray

You make me get lost or go out of my comfort zone.

Each path though, I learn for the next adventure.

But my question still stands…

How do I know what I am looking for?


I am okay with suddenly changing directions.

I am fine with taking risks.

I am not afraid.

I just want to know

That you’ll lead me in the right direction.


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My community
Our world
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