In My City

Walking down the streets of my city

Fearing for my life 

Fearing that I might not live until tomorrow 

Fearing that I won’t be able to succeed in life

Fearing the pain my friends and family will have to go through when I am no more 

The streets in my city aren’t safe

But what is safe anymore? 

Around every corner of my city

All I can hear is “Bang Bang Bang”

Now another body is dropped dead 

Blood spilled everywhere 

But for what?

Who will know now, huh?

Parents are yet fearing for their children lives because their child could be the next body dropped dead

People have to now tell their friends and family to “be safe” everyday 

We Aren’t Safe!

Not in my city

Not anywhere in the world 


I shouldn’t have to be afraid to shine or just live my life

But that just isn’t possible in my city

Because people are just full with Hate, Anger, and worst of all Jealousy! 

And it’s not just strangers killing you it’s your family or friends 

It’s like they are jealous of your success and instead of them asking for your help

They kill you off 

That’s why the good die young because of petty people 

They would rather see you in a coffin then out succeeding and making a difference in this world 

Which is just beyond me 

And we aren’t just out here dropping dead from gunshots 

We’re also dying from us killing our selves because we can’t handle the pain of losing our love ones

Or being bullied for being smart or happy whether we are gay or a part of the LGBT community 

We are even dying from embarrassment because childish people think it’s okay to go out and expose us and they embarrass us so much that we can no longer handle the embarrassment so we kill our selves and it’s another life taken away for something that could have been avoided 

But once again we just aren’t safe

Not in my city

Not anywhere in this terrible world 



This poem is about: 
My community


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