My Brothers Keeper...

My bestfriend, he was

I could not understand why he was always made fun of 

He was great to me,  

But then we did  evolve from the same family tree. 

I loved hanging wit him, and his friends 

I never wanted it to end, but then 

Time flew by, and he started to get high...and sneak out 

And I was left behind to pout...I was too young to comperhend 

This was no where near the end.

He graduated, but there was no celebration. 

Since then, he become a new creation. 

I saw him less, and less, all mom wanted was for him to confess 

his location. Where was he, she cried. 

As the realization made itself clear, she slowly died inside. 

But I did not. I loved him anyways, he was different 

And then the sickness became apparent. 

Heavy with saddness 

Inraged with anger 

Vigor it ad stolen 




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