My Brother, Trevor

Sun, 08/04/2013 - 15:45 -- lgrubb


My brother’s name is Trevor,

Sometimes he can be pretty clever.

People say we kind of look alike,

But we’re not related…Psyche!

Little brother he can’t be called

Because he is now very tall.

Because he grows, he eats a lot.

You won’t believe the food we’ve bought.

I’m sure he’s made my parents broke.

He eats so fast, he could probably choke.

He enjoys eating waffles by the brand name EGGO.

He likes to build many things with LEGOS.

He likes to find out how things work,

At times he can be a jerk.

Brothers can get pretty mean,

But it’s always nice to have them on your team.

When his hair gets long it goes in curls,

He thinks it will impress the girls.

Trevor likes to help our dad,

Helping people makes him feel glad.

He likes to work on our farm,

He likes his new radio alarm.

He likes to play the baritone,

He really wants a cell phone.

We like to share silly jokes.

He really likes to super-soak.

In the summer, we have lots of fun.

We get burned when we stay in the sun.

No matter how good or bad he may act,

We’ll always be siblings and that’s a fact.


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