My Brother


We have what other brother’s lack,

We love, protect, and watch each other’s back,

I hate to watch you fall,

You have a problem and won’t even give me a call,

You know you can talk to me,

But sometimes you don’t even care enough to see,

You’re my best friend and I love you more than you know,

But even when I tell you that you look so low,

You talk about suicide and that is really no game,

Most people talk about it for attention but you don’t care about fame,

I wish I could trade places with you,

I’m sure you might too,

I worry so much about you,

Day, night, even when I sleep too,

I’m not trying to be your parent and teach you right from wrong,

I just care so much about you and you have been holding it in for so long,

I’m here for you and I’m not going anywhere,

Every time you’re down it hurts me worse than a tear,

Sometime you just need to stop and look at us; you can see it in our eyes,

Me and Allison aren’t feeing you lies,

I know you are so sad,

And even if you get mad,

I’m here for you through thick and thin,

Because that’s what brothers do.


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