For my BLACK skin

                For my BLACK skinI fight for the sake of my black skin.I will march with signs for my black skin."Suppress me" "yeah oppress me" but still I'll show off for my black skin.He was shot walking home with skittles in his palm for his black skin.So in memory of him I'll boast and be proud of my black skin.9 church souls obliterated because of their black skin.So as I reflect on them I'll continuously educate others on what it means to be a black skin."Hands up",  "Don't move", "Let me see your ID", "Pow" all because of their black skin.They coined us bluster because of our black skin. Heavily enforced the law on us because of our black skin.They created isolation because of our black skin. Culture looted... Hearts polluted because of our black skin.They get vexed watching us be carefree in our black skin.I AM SATISFIED WITH MY BLACK SKIN ! 


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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