My Black Is Beautiful 3 (Woman)


United States
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It come in an array of body sizes
with a structure capturing other
ethnicity eyes.
Although in a negative disguise,
a black woman’s butt was seen as a disgrace.
Now look all over the place.

You can’t escape the other race emulating black
woman’s shape.
Don’t make any mistake my bodacious booty is
beautifully great.
Even before the media decided to appreciate.
It is my heritage trait not surgically or artificially

My hair is a lace coming in different grades that
I can embrace.
It’s diverse colors are brown, black, gray
and hazelnut.
Along with a style that compliment my beauty
from braids, afro, straight, wool, locks or a fierce cut.

My image and self esteem is dynamically

supreme my blackness has been influenced by many
but defined by none.

Yet I will not allow negative words about black beauty
to be won.
Nor portray or distort with degrading images display.
However, I will embrace the diverse positive images
defined as uniquely divine.

My black is courage validation, self belief,
independent, deserving, happy, beautiful,
vigorous, pure, original, love, uplifting, a
pearl of wisdom, intelligent, inspiring,
enlightening, a goddess and fine.

It exemplifies all of me with a rainbow personality
that has its own originality.
My Black Is Beautiful
and ranks High in Principality.

(c) By Naomi Johnson

Guide that inspired this poem: 


Soulality Naomi Johnson

This poem is about Afro-American self-love.

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