My Best Friend is...

Best friends are those who are in the bad and the good, despite the bad.

Those that make you cry in laughter and emotion at the same time for any

reason. Those are the good friends, right?

Those who do not care how you are, if not what you have inside.

Well my best friend is not like that, she is cold, bad and makes me feel small.

But at the same time she is unique, she is special, but she's also the worst

best friend a human being can have in their lives. She wakes me up at night,

makes me think of all the bad things I've had to go through, the suicides I've tried to commit,

and all the friends I've tried to exchange for her, but instead they have betrayed me.


She makes me mad for no reason. even if I do not want to. People hate me,

my parents think I disrespect them, but I do not think anything. I cannot

say anything because my best friend doesn't allow it.

She is my personality all the times. She decides for me, she thinks for me,

I'm just the skin. The skin that suffers every time my personality makes my

parentS suffer for my bad behavior. While my best friend is eating my soul

little by little. I can only smile, but only when I'm alone.


But in spite of everything, she says that she loves me and that she does not want 

anything to happen to me, but I do not believe in her or tell me if YOU would believe

in my best friend.

When we met each other she told me that she would be my best friend forever,

and I asked myself, ¿Why would Depression wanted to be my best friend?

Now I realized she just wanted to mess my life up forever.

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