My Bed

My bed is big and soft and has too many pillows.

My bed is where I think too much, cry too much, worry too much.


I think about the past.

I remember every time a friend has drifted 

And I think about every time I found a new friend.

I remember how it felt when she told me she was worried about me

And how much I wanted to reassure her but I couldn’t.

Because I was worried about me too.


I cry over the present

I cry over the lack of progress in myself and in this country.

I cry about how much I wish I could tell everyone that I’m ok.

But most of all I cry out of fear that whatever I’m doing now is wrong.


I worry about the future

What if I AM doing everything wrong?

I am terrified of leaving my family for college

And even just graduating high school is scary enough.

What if I never figure out what I am going to do with my life?


My bed is big and soft and has too many pillows.

I think too much there, but it’s not always negative

One night, I thought about these thoughts and I realized

I think about the past, cry over the present and worry about the future

And all that means is I am not a kid anymore; 

I’m growing up.


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Wow yes the growing up pains and brooding, I recall that and you have expressed that awesomely in an interesting poem. But don't make those pillows and soft bed soggy with tears, smile and think positive and pray to God and u will be fine.


Interactions are good than just writing  I always tell myself, so plz pleez do review/comment my newest poem too.

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