My American Dream

There are a lot of misconstrued versions of the American Dream. The American Dream was first believed to be success, not money, not power, but success. Along the way people were brainwashed and fueled by greed. Nowadays, The American Dream has been corrupted by materialism throughout the years because multibillion dollars industries just want more money. Corporations have redefined The American Dream as having the finest essentials, so they bombard you with luxury goods. However, that is not the case. The American Dream was cleverly manipulate into that by misinterpreting its true meaning which is more of a social order.

According to the media, according to television, according to people, in order to achieve The American Dream you need to be rich, you need a huge mansion, you need a car that costs more than some houses, you need the latest iphone, you need a rolex, you need to be famous or go down in the history books for anything, the list goes on and on. The thing is even when you get all of it, you want more. That is how we are now programmed. We keep wanting more. There is never a limit to what we want. We demand and they supply. They supply and we demand more. It is a never ending cycle. Before we know it, all we will desire is going to be meaningless objects and all we will forget will be everything we fought so dearly for. As we evolve in the field of technology our sense of integrity slowly disintegrates.

Many people view this country as “the land of the free” where they are entitled legal and moral grounds, protected by the Bill Of Rights, unlike else where. Though it may seem strange for there to be places where people cannot speak their minds or cannot practice a religion of their choice without fear of punishment, those places do exist. It would explain why migrants come to the United States. To have a better life not only for themselves but for their children as well. To have more opportunities and strive for success.

The American Dream has been distorted time and time again. At one point it seemed The American Dream was about being successful. Then it was about being rich and having everything money can buy. To some The American Dream is irrelevant, and for a while I was stomped as to why. After pondering for a while, I believe I may have come to an understanding. You see, The American Dream means something different to everyone and for us, the minorities, it is as simple as Dr. King said himself, “Our goal is freedom, and I believe we are going to get there because however much she strays away from it, the goal of America is freedom. Abused and scorned though we may be as a people, our destiny is tied  up in the destiny of America.” We want our voices heard we want to have a say in the matter. Was that not the purpose of the American Revolution back when the king of England was so demanding. Why should now be any different simply because a council is making the laws? A higher authority is still pushing us down and it is about time that comes to an end. Though the circumstances are different the results should be similar. We do not demand to be privileged we merely want to be treated equal with the respect we deserve.

The American Dream is about achieving success not through money or fame but the success that we all come together and we all strive for greatness by guiding and assisting each other. The American Dream applies to everybody, from the families plague by poverty to those wealthy, to have the same opportunities. The American Dream is about persevering and reaching your fullest potential.  


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