My Addiction

I have this addiction.

This ridiculous and quite silly obsession.

It’s probably the youth in me.

Quite frankly my stupid naivety gets the best of me a lot.

But isn’t that what life is about?

About being naive and eventually learning?

About going out there, in this crazy world, and living?

Giving everything the best shot that you got?

My ridiculous addiction, is this addiction to life that i have.

My crazy idea that: it’s okay to just live. to just be human.

Because from the beginning to the very end, 

 isn’t that the what you’re suppose to do?

Life is life. 

It’s tough.

It’s painful and rough.

There will be more bumps in the road and more times you fall than you ever want to think,

But the fact that you get up and you keep walking,

Even with tears still streaming down your face, you keep going.

You keep living.

And for once i want you to stop.

I want you to look around.

I want you to take notice of all the small things, all the big things, all the things.

I want you to feel the pain. but feel the joy as well. 

I want you to feel and remember that this is life.

Humans are flawed and evil at times.

Humans are also kind-hearted and simple.

Humans live and humans die.

But right now you are alive, and living.

I want you to remember that and never overlook anything.

Even though times get tough, and emotions hurt, 

It’s kind of a crazy thought that we have emotions.

And it’s a blessing and a curse, but no matter what you can always find beauty…

You just have to want to see it.


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