A Must And A Need

When nobody knows

and nobody cares,

its our job to find it out for them.

We don’t sit in one place

while the others 

drink their expensive drinks.

We don’t serve them

because they are more superior.

We serve ourselves 

and the ones we choose to serve.

Not the ones we’re forced to. 

Theres a difference

between a must and a should. 

We must eat rather then

we should eat.

We should pay the bills rather than

we must pay the bills.

Everyone gets those so confused.

And sometimes

I don’t understand myself,

why they get confused.

Do you need to buy a $300 purse?


When we say should?

It becomes more questionable,

more reasonable.

Yet somehow 

people still buy the purse. 

I don’t understand.

People could make others so happy

but they chose to make themselves happy.

When the world starts caring,

so will I.

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Our world
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