Music Hotel


She's tired of living day after day in a skin that isn't hers

She feigns a smile for a little while but her eyes, they start to burn

Maybe she’ll stop trying, maybe she’ll stop crying

When will she stop lying?


She turns to the only thing that she knows will save her night

She checks into the Music Hotel, breathing in the neon lights

The bellman greets her and grabs her bags, says what’s the deal tonight?

Her eyebrows furrow as she whispers

The days haven’t been so bright


She goes into a room and injects notes into her arm

Music starts dancing through her veins

She closes her eyes and surrenders

Mr. DJ I’m lost

Please play my favourite song


He rocks her boat and sends her tumbling
Down down down down down

Mr. DJ please don’t hurt me
I’m trying not to drown


She’s falling asleep to Mr. DJ’s secrets

She finally feels free

Nothing hurts her anymore
Music did this to me


The sunrise scorches the tired earth
She wipes the sleep from her eyes
It’s time to check out of the Music Hotel

Mr. DJ, say your goodbyes


She’s weary but she’s stronger
She now knows where to go

The Music Hotel will welcome her

Any time she needs a home



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